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Daniel Meadows

Daniel Meadows was at University with Martin Parr and collaborated together on a project called June Street (1973) (blogged separately). He took a lot of what looks like street style photography in the 1970’s and from some of these he has been able to trace some of these people and has taken photographs of them again some 20 years later. He appears to have asked them to pose as they had originally posed and if they had been photographed with someone else he has including that other person if it was still possible. I note one then and now set, the lady is holding a pair of sunglasses that looks identical to the pair she held in the 1970’s photo.

Karen Cubin (Left) Barbara Taylor (Right) 1974 and 1995, by Daniel Meadows

Daniel Meadows in Oxford with the Free Photographic Omnibus, May 1974. Picture: Paddy Summerfield.

This was originally a project called The Bus (1973-74) as Meadows travelled around the country in a 1949 double decker bus that he called ‘The Free Photographic Omnibus’. See the attached link to Daniel Meadows Vimeo video.

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