Exercise 1.3 – ‘On the Inside’

A social distanced tea in the garden, (2020) by Shaun Mullins

Dinner-dance with friends (2010) by Shaun Mullins

My Boss, Tony, (2005) by Shaun Mullins

A photoshoot test (2016) By Shaun Mullins

The insider is the photographer that is part or closely associated with the subject matter he or she is photographing. All five photographs represent a fairly privileged, middle-class life. The first two pictures, a bone china, cream tea in a friend’s Surrey garden. Photo No 3, with friends at a dinner and dance. Photo No.4, a business meeting with my Boss. Photo No.5. A test shot during a photoshoot for one of my projects with assistants and a hired model.

I note that from all these pictures that although the subjects are aware of the presence of the camera their attitude is relaxed or indifferent.

Published by shauncn512659

Hi, I am an OCA student studying for an Art degree in Photography , my student number is 512659. My e-mail is: shaun512659@oca.ac.uk

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