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Larry Clark

Larry Clark, born 1943, film director and photographer famous for his controversial film Kids (1985) and his photography book Tulsa. (1971) New York: Lustrum Press. The book illustrates black-and-white photographs that Clark took between 1963 – 1971 as a drug addict. At the time of publication, Clark’s book challenged the then idea that the town of Tulsa, Oklahoma, represented young love and family values as created by the song song, Twenty-four hours from Tulsa (1963), (Burt Bacharach and Hal David), by illustrating young people having sex, taking drugs and playing with guns. Clark’s photographic point-of-view was as an ‘insider’.

Billy Mann #2, (from the series, Tulsa), (1968), by Larry Clark.

Couple, (from the series, Tulsa) (1971) by Larry Clark.

Untitled, (from the series, Tulsa) (1971) by Larry Clark.

Untitled, (from the series, Teenage Lust) 1972-1973.

They met a Girl on Acid in Bryant Park at 6 A.M. and Took Her Home… (1980) by Larry Clark.

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