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Planning Assignment 2

The Brief.

Produce a story with a social theme. Your project should combine portraits, objects and spaces to describe your subject matter. You should produce between 8 – 12 images to demonstrate an ethical practice.

My idea for this assignment is to produce a photo essay about my time as a furloughed employee. This is I believe a topic that will touch upon many people right now through the impact of the COVID pandemic, who may be experiencing the same feelings of isolation, boredom and anxiety. Larry Sultan, Pictures of Home (1992) and Tina Barney Theatre of Manners (1997) and Cindy Sherman’s, Untitled Film Stills (1977) were still the influencing artists for this project as they had been for assignment 1 as I felt their styles and methods most suited my ideas for assignment 2.

I began by making a list that I thought would link to this subject and that other people may be doing as well during their time away from work.

I then made a shorter list.

From this list I used a storyboard template to sketch ideas for photographs.

I then began my work. Preparing, producing and editing assignment 2.

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