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Preparing, producing and editing Assignment 2

For this assignment, the social theme was based around a current social issue that is affecting millions of people, myself included, being furloughed from work as a result of the COVID pandemic. I therefor used myself as the subject and my home as this is the location of my furlough.

I used a Nikon with a full sized 35mm sensor operated by radio controlled shutter release, I used both zoom and primary lenses, a tripod, studio lights for most photographs controlled by PocketWizard radios and an incident light meter for obtaining correct exposure. This practice slowed my workflow and therefore I had to think more carefully about the composition and mise-en-scene for each shot.

Using my storyboard technique, that I learned from my OCA course , Setting the Scene, to get me started, I setup for each image and took my photos.

I decided to make this image a portrait rather than just another object.

Unhappy with this first attempt at a gardening picture I tried experimenting for a different image taking advantage of a strong sun and an unusually cloudless sky.

I preferred the sharp shaped shadow of myself holding a pitchfork.

For some images I didn’t need to take too many photos as I was confident that would be exactly the same, due to the precise control of lighting, focus and exposure.

I also took the opportunity to experiment when making the DIY photograph, in which I took picture of my reflection in the chrome of the kettle whilst being careful to avoid the camera or lights also being reflected.

For this picture to imply a feeling of isolation I used my 16-35mm f/4 zoom lens at 16mm.

Working through my storyboard I decided to leave one idea from the essay; this was walking the dog, as I felt that getting a suitable photograph walking my dog was too problematic and risky to my equipment.

From the resulting images I edited my selection.

To complete my work, I wrote a short narrative describing me experience as a furloughed employee. I then selected the photographs from the thirteen pictures I had selected from my edit then I made a final edit by removing Furloughed 0448 as I felt that my use of the clock faces and the Kettle in the DIY image suitably covered the subject matter of Furloughed 0448, I also decided to use all three clock faces to help with the idea of time slowly passing from day to day.

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