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Exercise 3.1 – Your Selfie

Selfie 1235

A new portrait for my Facebook page.

To obtain this picture, I took 120 shots. My problem was that I cannot see myself and although the other shots were mostly in good focus and exposure, my positioning was wrong, I had the wrong expression or I just did,’t like it. This was I thought the best; but the focus is not in my opinion pin sharp on the eyes. I had to use a broomstick as a focusing guide and used f/16 for best depth-of-field. I used one light as key and a reflector to bounce back some light on my shadowed side.

My final selection from my contact sheet.

Selfie 1219

This was my second choice.

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Hi, I am an OCA student studying for an Art degree in Photography , my student number is 512659. My e-mail is:

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