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Exercise 3.2 – Four Image-Repertoires

Exploring Roland Barthes theory regarding four image-repertoires, (Barthes, 2000, p.13) I have asked my friend (Graham) to pose for me with the intention of presenting himself as, ‘who he thinks he is’, and how he wants to be perceived. Graham asked that I photograph him cleaning his shotgun, as he sees himself as an outdoors man, loves shooting and mechanical things in general; so he wanted his four portraits with his gun.

Then I changed places and conducted the same exercise with myself as subject and photographer. I decided to look at Barthes theory from a different angle. I decided to photograph myself as I think I am, the one I want others to think I am, the one the photographer thinks I am and the one he make to exhibit, using different but similar poses and making editing adjustments and decisions through Lightroom.


The one I think I am


The one I want others to think I am.


The one the photographer thinks I am.


The one he exhibits.

I think that Graham’s pictures are more interesting; but when I conducted this exercise on my own, I feel that I got a better understanding for the purpose of the exercise and how it could help my thought and creative process in the future.


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