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Exercise 3.5 – The Theatre of Self.

Using the idea of ‘the theatre of self’ I have scanned photographs of a visit to Berlin on the 31, December 1989 to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a very historic moment when East and West Germany were in the process of reuniting back to one country. In order to represent an unrepresented story from my collection, I have added other photographs taken by other photographers. Sadly I am no longer in contact with the two friends in these photos; but if I was able to contact them then I would also have an option of interviewing them and discovering how they may remember events differently and even help to re-enact some of these unseen events using a different location.

My visit to Berlin 31, Dec, 1989 / 1, Jan, 1990.

Untitled photos, (1989/90), Berlin New Year’s Eve 1989, by Shaun Mullins.

By adding other photographs by other photographers who witnessed this day from different perspectives can either elaborate or change the narrative.

Elaborating on the narrative.

Climbing on to the wall New Year’s Eve 1989.

Untitled, (1989) Shaun Mullins

November 1989: Berliners congregate near Brandenburg Gate to celebrate the fall of the wall. Photograph: Andree Kaiser/Alamy

Celebrating New Year’s Eve, Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1989.

Untitled, (1989) Shaun Mullins

Fall of the Berlin Wall. In the photo celebrations for the new year at the Brandenburg Gate December 31, 1989 – January 1, 1990, Berlin, Germany. Â © Thierry Monasse/ (Monasse/Fotogramma, Berlin – 1989-12-31)

Berliners demolishing the hated Berlin wall. (1989)

Untitled (1989) Shaun Mullins

REUTERS/David Brauchli/Files (1989)

REUTERS/David Brauchli/Files (1989)

Changing the narrative.

Escaping East Berlin

The Unseen moments from my visit.

Using ‘found’ photographs.

Unseen moments: I remember kissing an East German girl on the Berlin wall, New Year’s Eve 1989.

Unseen moments: We jumped from the wall into East Berlin right under the East German Border Guards noses, they ignored us! New Year’s Eve, 1989.

Unseen moments: I got separated from my friends in the crowd. The Berlin wall, New Year’s Eve, 1989.

Unseen moments: I returned to the airport too early to check-in for my flight, I fell asleep and missed it, New Year’s Day, 1990.

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