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Notes from my Video link with my Tutor


For Assignment 3.

My Tutor suggested that I research Pablo Picasso, to see if he produced an artist manifesto for his cubism period (if there is one).

For assignment 4.

My Tutor confirmed that my research was on the right path. He advised, to limit my reading to just three or four essays / writings that are most relevant and to be sure that some of the case studies includes relevant photographs/photographic practice.

My Tutor thought that Jo Spence’s, Facing up to myself, (1978) was a good choice to study for my research for assignment four.

For Assignment 5 & 6

I suggested that I may use Polaroid photographs in my last assignment. My Tutor suggested that I research, Ernest Wilhelm “Wim” Wenders, a German filmmaker, playwright, author and photographer who is popularly known for his use of Polaroid pictures.

My Tutors also advised, that given the current pandemic situation, it was best to keep this in mind when planning the project and if considering photographing others. The important thing is that the work for the assignment meets the brief and the criteria.

The pandemic could reflect the current situation as an idea for subject matter.

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