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Critical reflection

My brief for assignment four was to write a 2500 word essay allowing +/- 10% not to include quotes and footnotes. Word count was: 2557.

The font was to be standard font with 1.5 or double-lined spacing. I used Arial font set to 1.5 line spacing. Yes.

Front page to be the title page with word count with and without quotes & footnotes, a list of sources. Yes

To add illustrations and the essay must be fully referenced. Yes.

Add a Bibliography to the end of the essay. – Yes.

The essay must must be situated within a theoretical framework. It is suggested that you draw from the essay’s, theories and books outlined within this course. – Yes.

Wells, L. (ed.) (2003) The Photography Reader. Abingdon: Routledge. Levi-Strauss, D. (2012) Between the Eyes: Essays on Photography & Politics (2nd. ed) New York: Aperture.
Ritchin, F. (2005) In Our Own Image, New York: Aperture.

I believe that I have written my essay drawing from other essays and theories outlined in some of the books outlined on this course plus some important additional ones, such as Barthes, 2000 and 1977.


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