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Summary for Part 4, Essay.

For part four, I have chosen for my essay the topic: ‘From case studies, can single images ever fairly represent others or self?’

Assignment 4

Planing and Preparation for assignment.

In my research for my fourth assignment, I came across an essay by Jo Spence that was published in, Spare Rib, March, 1978. In this essay Spence discussed the subject of self portraiture and portraits of others. She concluded that a single image can not hold the essence of a person, because we all project different versions of ourselves under different circumstances and to different people and that we all are conditioned to act in stereotypical ways and present ourselves in accordingly. See my attached blog, Facing Up To Myself by Jo Spence (1978)

I also looked at, what is probably the most famous painting in the world, The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci (1503/06 – 1517).

Further readings:

Remembrance, The child I never was, (1991) by Annette Kuhn (Wells, 2003).

The Suit and the Photograph (1979) by John Berger. (Berger, 1980).

Uses of Photography (1978) by John Berger. (Berger, 1980).

Self Image, Personal is Political (1979), by Angela Kelly (Wells, 2003).

Reading Photographs by Fred Ritchin (Ritchin, 2010)

Photography and Belief (1991) by David Lee Strauss (Strauss 2005)

After You Dearest Photography, Reflections on the work of Francesca Woodman 1998 by David Lee Strauss (Strauss 2005)

The Presentation Of Self In Everyday Life, by Erving Goffman, 1990, London: Penguin Books.



Pablo Picasso & George Braque’s artist’s statements., Ernest Wilhelm “Wim” Wenders

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