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Assignment 6 – Final Project

Behind this laughing mask of mine 2020 – 2021

‘Every profound spirit needs a mask’

Nietzsche, Beyond Good an Evil, 1888.

In the politics of self we put up a front to others, and this is worn as a type of mask that projects as well as it guards.

For identity we wear many masks each mask is a single piece, a fragment of the whole.

Shaun Mullins wanted to explore the idea of a ‘front’ that he feels that we all use in the politics of self, he feels that the current requirement to wear a physical mask acts as a visible metaphor for the normally unseen masks that we wear for our identity to others and as a visual statement: ‘Under the protection of this mask I am fragile and vulnerable.’

This is a project created by voluntary participants. Shaun asked volunteers to send him selfies of themselves, using any masks of their choice, and he also asked them to suggest a celebrity or famous personality that they identify themselves with, as Shaun believes that our identity is also influenced by others.

‘The response from my volunteers has been very good and the pictures that they have provided have been both excellent and surprising, this is encouraging me to continue (if I can) with this project, by expanding it out to Instagram, to try and encourage more people to take part.’ Shaun Mullins, 2021.

Link to the essay: Behind This Laughing Mask of Mine

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