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Man Ray

Man Ray, Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais, Katherine Ware, (2004) Ed. Manfred Heiting, London: TASCHEN. ISBN: 9-783822-834831.

This book has two essays written about Man Ray’s life and his time in Paris and is full of examples of his photographs that he made during his time in Paris before world war two. A very good reference book for my library.

Lee Miller (1929) by Man Ray, This image was briefly exposed to white light (solarised) during the print development.

Noir et Blanche, (1929) Man Ray.

Retour a la raison, (1923) Man Ray.

There have always been, and there still are, two themes in everything I do: freedom and pleasure. Man Ray.

Le violon d’Ingres, (1924) Ran Ray.

Max Ernst, (1934) Man Ray.

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