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Blumenfeld a fetish for beauty

Blumenfeld a fetish for beauty, 1996, Edited by William A Ewing in collaboration with Marina Schinz, London: Thames & Hudson. ISBN: 0-500-54202-3.

A good reference book with an essay on Blumenfeld’s life and the artistic movements that influenced him.


Eva Penninck, Amsterdam, 1932, Erwin Blumenfeld.

Momie vivante, Amsterdam, 1932, Erwin Blumenfeld.

The Art Dealer Carel van Lier, Amsterdam, 1932, Erwin Blumenfeld.

Untitled photograph of jewelry, New York, 1950, Erwin Blumenfeld.

In hoc signo vinces, New York, 1967, Erwin Blumenfeld.

The Dictator, Paris, 1936, Erwin Blumenfeld.

Nude under Wet Silk, Paris, 1937, Erwin Blumenfeld.

Unpublished variant of an image from ‘Portfolio de Vogue: La Tour Eiffal’ in France Vogue, Paris, May 1939. Erwin Blumenfeld.

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