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Formal Assessment Feedback from OCA

I am very pleased with my assessment result, and I have had some very useful feedback. I have made bold the comments that I really need to pay close attention to and to work on.

“There’s a real sense of commitment to further understanding of what you are engaged in and the development of a rigorous approach to your practice, while expanding your conception of what that practice can be for you.

This was exemplified by Assignment 6 and a testament to the progress you’ve made through the unit, by furthering your efforts to contextualise your work within contemporary practice.

However it was rather difficult to tease this out from your overall presentation. There was a lot to read, in many places, to understand the intentions with the imagery, which was rather overshadowed by the texts.

The work itself should lead the communication and capture the interest to know more.

The presentation of the creative work needed curating into the most effective formats for the intent. For example the suggestion of the use of Instagram for the final project, which under the auspices of your concept produced some telling resonant imagery, would have added considerably to the effect for the audience.

You’ve made great progress in this unit which augurs well for the next level. You’ve made some effective raw material, in future you need to carefully consider how you are going to refine it for an audience. As you will know now, from all your research, how you present the work gets ‘read’ along with the work itself in just the same way.

One of the criteria in the A band begins, ‘Highly effective work presented in a professional way,…’ The work is on the cusp, pay attention to bringing the presentation up to the same level.

You can look confidently forward to the next level with the progress you’ve made in this unit.”

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