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The Self-Portrait A Cultural History

The Self-Portrait A Cultural History, 2015, by James Hall, London: Thames & Hudson. ISBN: 978-0-500-29211-2 This book examines the history of the self-portrait, unfortunately I purchased a Kindle edition which unhelpfully doesn’t provide page numbers, this option is greyed out in the menu; so I am only able to quote location numbers (Loc) as providedContinue reading “The Self-Portrait A Cultural History”

My Other Half – a critical self-review.

My Other Half – A critical self-review by Shaun Mullins. The objective of this project was to create 6-10 environmental portraits and I chose to produce photographs of my wife in different locations in our home, dressed for and performing the typical activities that I often see her doing.  I wanted to convey the ideaContinue reading “My Other Half – a critical self-review.”

Reading Task – ‘The Body and the Archive’ by Alan Sekula

Alan Sekula, The Body and the Archive (1986) Notes and Quotes Sekula argues that early photography was seen as a threat to art, siting a musical song: August 1839, a song circulated in London which began with the following verse: O Mister Daguerre! Sure you’re not aware, Of half the impressions you’re making, By the sun’s potent rays you’l set Thames inContinue reading “Reading Task – ‘The Body and the Archive’ by Alan Sekula”