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Graham Smith

Graham Smith, born 1947, British photographer working in Middlesborough and the Northeast of England between the 1970s and 1980s, in the 1990’s Smith curtailed his photography and moved over to working with wood as a professional carpenter. His photography was in a documentary style specialising in the working-class people on Northern England.

Who She Wanted and What She Got, South Bank, Middlesbrough (1982) by Graham Smith

Thirty Eight Bastard Years on the Furness Front Mess Room for Nb.4 and Nb.5 Furnaces, Clay Lane, South Bank, Middlesborough, (1983) by Graham Smith.

Graham Smith : Dancing Girls, Middlesbrough. (1985) by Graham Smith.

New Years Eve, the Princess Alice, South Bank, Middlesbrough., (1984/5) by Graham Smith.

Outside The Commerical, (1982) by Graham Smith.

I Thought I Saw Liz Taylor and Bot Mitchum in the Back Room of the Commercial, Middlesbrough. (1984) by Graham Smith.

Sade, (1983) by Graham Smith

Steve Strange at Hell, (1980) by Graham Smith

Claire Thom, Philip Sallon and Boy George, on a coach trip to Margate (1980) by Graham Smith

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