Home Truths, Photography and Motherhood

Home Truths, Photography and Motherhood, (2013) Edited by Susan Bright, London: Art Books Publishing Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-908970-10-7.

This book examines the work of a number of artist who have used the theme of motherhood for their work. The book is divided into four sections, each section introduced with an essay that discusses the specific aspects of motherhood looked at in that section and the artists.

Section one is forwarded by Susan Bright with her essay, Motherlode: Photography, motherhood and representation. Artists: Anna Casses Brody; Janine Antoni; Hanna Putz.

Section two: Simon Watney, Madonnas and mothers. Artists: Elinor Carucci; Fred Huning; Elina Brotherus.

Section three: Nick Johnstone, Mothering fathers. Artists: Ishiuchi, Leigh Ledare, Katie Murray.

Section four: Stephanie Chapman, ‘It’s no matter who’s my mother’: The absent-present mother in the history of the Foundling Hospital. Artists: Annu Palakunnathu Matthew; Ann Fessler; Tierney Gearon.

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Hi, I am an OCA student studying for an Art degree in Photography , my student number is 512659. My e-mail is: shaun512659@oca.ac.uk

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